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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can’t log in, what do I do?

    If you are unable to log into the FedEx QRP site to issue or redeem certificates, Please submit a ticket through the ESCC system
  • What are the value of my certificates?

    The value of FedEx QRP certificate(s) can be broken down as follows:
    • 1 - Certificate = One Bronze Item.
    • 2 - Certificates = One Silver Item or Two Bronze Items.
    • 3 - Certificates = One Gold Item or One Silver + One Bronze Item or Three Bronze Items.
    • 4 - Certificates = One Titanium Item or One Gold + One Bronze Item or One Silver + Two Bronze Items or Two Bronze + One Silver Item or Two Silver Items or Four Bronze Items.
    • 5 - Certificates = One Platinum Item or One Titanium + One Bronze Item or One Gold + Two Bronze Items or One Gold + One Silver Item or One Silver + Three Bronze Items or Two Silver + One Bronze Item or Five Bronze Items.
  • Can I purchase FedEx QRP items directly, without using certificates?

    Products offered in the FedEx QRP program are not available for direct purchase. All items are unique to the FedEx QRP program and are meant as awards for package handlers and parcel assistants only.
  • I am a manager and I cannot issue certificates, what do I do?

    You can contact FedEx QRP customer service using contact us form Our award winning customer care team will take care of you.
  • Can I return a product if I don’t like it?

    The FedEx QRP program is a rewards and recognition site. It is not set up as an on-line retail program and there are no return privileges if you don’t like the product. We suggest you make sure of your reward selection before you redeem. Unless the product you received is defective, it is expected that you accept the award you selected.
  • The apparel item I ordered does not fit, can I exchange it?

    There is a 30-day exchange policy. If you have a problem with a size, you can exchange it for a different size as long as the product has not been worn or damaged and is in the original packaging. The procedure for a size exchange is: Contact FedEx QRP customer service using contact us form. Please explain your request and provide an order number, FedEx Employee Number, product number, product size, product color and the size you wish to get in exchange for the return. You will be e-mailed instructions upon receipt of the e-mail at customer service. But please note that no exchanges are made without the original item being returned per instructions.
  • Do my certificates have any monetary value?

    The value of FedEx QRP certificates is that they can be redeemed, on the FedEx QRP site, for merchandise only. The certificates cannot be surrendered for cash.
  • Can I use someone else’s certificates with mine?

    No, each employee’s certificates are unique to them and cannot be transferred or combined with any other employee’s certificates.
  • What happens if I leave the company?

    Your FedEx QRP certificates are only redeemable while you are employed by FedEx.
  • Can I transfer my certificates to someone else in the company?

    FedEx QRP certificates are not transferable.
  • Can I use someone else’s certificates?

    Each employee’s certificates are unique and cannot be used by another FedEx employee.
  • I've been promoted, can I redeem any unused certificates?

    The FedEx QRP program is meant for package handlers only. Once you have been promoted you can no longer actively redeem certificates. This does not apply to special assignment positions. You will lose access, to redeem certificates, while you are in the special assignment but will regain access once back in your regular package handler role.